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          CNC router?is the widely used?CNC machine for cutting and engraving various hard materials such as furniture, wood, composites, styrofoam,?aluminum, acrylic, plastics and foams, etc. As the leading CNC router designer, manufacturer and exporter, Jinan JINSHENGXING Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd (JINSHENGXING Machinery) had been dedicated in supplying one stop CNC router solutions to customers from all over the word since its foundation in 1991.

          Our high quality innovative products include disc type ATC CNC router, ATC multi spindle CNC router, automatic pendulum head CNC router machine, CNC styrofoam router machine, multi spindle CNC engraving machine and?flat with rotary carving machine, etc. All our products had been certificated by ISO9001, CE and??SGS, etc. Product innovation, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our long term commitment to our worldwide customers.

          We have more than 400 professional staffs and over 60,000 square meters CNC machine manufacturing factory equipped with many state of art processing machines and measurement tools. Our annual CNC machine output is over 12,000 sets, which had been exported to over 136 countries. Hope to be your partner.

          Our CNC Router Products

          disc type ATC CNC router

          Disc type ATC CNC router is widely used to cut or engrave the relatively hard workpieces like wood, acrylic or plastic, etc. Superstar series high accuracy and high efficiency CNC routers with disc type ATC are engineered with maximum stability and durability and can be equipped with up to 16 tools for powerful machinability. More information available …

          ATC multi spindle CNC Router Home

          ATC multi spindle CNC router is suitable for cutting or engraving solid wood or plastic with multi processes such as engraving, drilling, cutting, guiding, milling, etc. Our high speed and high quality intelligent four processes ATC CNC routers can accomplish tool exchange and process switching automatically for maximum efficiency.?More information available …

          Automatic pendulum head CNC router machine

          Automatic pendulum head CNC router machine?is specially engineered for complex processes that 3 axis engraver can’t function. Our optimized automatic pendulum head engraving machine equipped with 2 fixed heads and 1 automatic pendulum head can realize the similar processing capacities as 5 axis CNC machine but the price is much lower, More information available …

          Multi Spindle CNC Engraving Machine home

          Multi spindle CNC engraving machine is specially engineered to relief sculpture the same pattern three dimensionally on multi solid workpieces simultaneously to improve processing speed and decease switch time, it can also accomplish independent work by single spindle. Our multi spindle engraving machine can be equipped up to 10 spindles. More information available…

          Styrofoam CNC Router Machine Home

          CNC styrofoam router machine is the professional machine for cutting or engraving plastic or foam precisely and accurately. Our high efficiency cost-effective styrofoam CNC machine is suitable for such large-scale industrial?applications as casting wood mold, injection mold, foam model, industrial design model, exterior wall decoration material processing. More information available…

          Flat with Rotary CNC Carving Machine

          Flat with rotary carving machine is widely used for carving or engraving cubic or cylindrical hard wood or plastics, etc.? Our high quality multi spindle CNC rotary axis carving machine can achieve multi processes such as relief, openwork, boring, milling and hollowing out processes in one machine with different table size and number of spindles. More information available…

          Our CNC Machine Factory

          We hold the full production line from material processing, welding, heat treatment, machining, painting, assembly, QC to packaging.

          JINSHENXING Machinery has its own 60,000 square meters state of art CNC machine manufacturing factory equipped with 236 sets professional professional machines like 5 axis CNC machining center, fiber laser cutting machines, automatic bending machines, welding machines and measurement equipment, etc. There are?more than 100 design experts and over 300 skilled?employees working in our factory and stand behind our customers for excellent after sale service,? most of them have more than 10 years of experiences in CNC machine industry. We have always worked harder to become the leader in CNC machine design, manufacture, marketing and service, we try our best to develop innovative products,??keep high product quality, shorter delivery time and control competitive cost to meet the demands of our worldwide customers. Welcome to visit our factory.

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