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          Certificates?had witnessed our continuous efforts and achieved results in product development, manufacturing process management, environmental protection and quality assurance system. JINSHENGXING Machinery had beed dedicated in designing and manufacturing CNC router machine,? CNC engraving machine and CNC carving machine since 1991. All our CNC router products had been passed ISO9001, ORI, CE, BACL certifications. These certificates are our long term promises to all our customers. The goal of JINSHENGXING Machinery is to delivery finest qualityCNC router machine,? CNC engraving machine and CNC carving machine?and excellent services to worldwide customers. In recent years, we had been continuously investing in technological innovation and manufacturing facilities to ensure the leading technology and high quality products. Our talented CNC router experts and their experiences are our real wealth and competence that can make our certifications much valuable.?

          Our main innovative, high quality products include?disc type ATC CNC router, ATC multi spindle CNC router, 4 axis CNC router with automatic pendulum head, CNC styrofoam router machine, multi spindle CNC engraving machine and?flat with rotary carving machine, etc.?Product innovation, customer satisfaction and quality assurance are our long term commitment to our partners. Continuous improvement had been becoming our company culture. With the help of our certifications, strict manufacturing and quality control processes make our employees to perform effectively and efficiently. We are not only manufacturing high quality CNC router products but also providing professional development, strict quality assurance and top after sale service with your satisfaction.

          We deeply cherish our certifications, we will try our best to keep them forwarding in the right direction.

          CE Certificates for ATC CNC Router Machine
          CE Certificates for CNC Engraving Machine
          ORI Certificates for CNC Router Machine
          BACL Certificates for ATC CNC Router Machine