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Multi spindle CNC router is the hot sale ATC CNC router machine which can cut or engrave solid wood or plastic with multi processes such as engraving, drilling, cutting, guiding, milling by the four processes automatic feeding head. Our high speed and high quality intelligent four processes ATC CNC router use the integrated machine bed,Taiwan’s high precision square linear guide, vacuum absorption working table, high power air cooled electric spindle, famous servo motor driven system, etc, so ATC multi spindle CNC router can accomplish tool exchange and process switching automatically for maximum efficiency. Our ATC multi spindle CNC router is widely used in furniture, wood products, plate processing and decoration industry.

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Specifications of?ATC Multi Spindle CNC Router

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1 Model CX-M25
2 Working Area
3 Max. Position Speed 15m/min
4 Max. Working Speed 10m/min
5 Spindle 3KW (Water Cooling or Air Cooling)
6 Spindle Speed 0-24,000 r/min
7 Table Structure 6 zone vacuum table
8 Control System NC Studio
9 Drive system high speed step motor
10 Power supply AC380V/50HZ

Features of?ATC Multi Spindle CNC Router

  • Integral machine bed and cast iron side plates makes multi spindle CNC router strong and stable.
  • Intelligent and economical multi spindle feeding and machining.
  • Complete four process automatic working.
  • Engraving, cutting, drilling, guiding, milling, all in one machine, the tool change without interruption, automatically and quickly.
  • The working surface are vacuum-absorbing countertops that can strongly absorb different areas of material.
  • The drive system adopts the imported servo motor.
  • High power air cooled spindle, imported electrical components and other components, high stable performance.
  • Imported five axis control system.
  • Main control components are famous brand imported components.
  • high?efficiency, high precision.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Competitive factory price.
  • ODM, OEM, custom design & fabrication available.
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Applications of?ATC Multi Spindle CNC Router

ATC Multi Spindle CNC Router are extensive used for cutting, milling, engraving, drilling,?and other auxiliary processing for panel furniture, closet wardrobe, office furniture, custom furniture, cabinets, computer tables, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils and other plate furniture plane, etc.

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