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CNC styrofoam router machine?is extensive used to cut, mill or engrave wood, MDF, plywood, styrofoam?(EPS), non-metallic carbonation materials, PVC, plastic or foam molds precisely and accurately. Our high quality cost effective styrofoam CNC machine is made with integrated designed overall casting machine bed, reinforced heavy gantry, imported high precision square linear guiders powerful electrical spindle, etc, which can give you capabilities impossible with traditional processes or lesser machines. Our CNC styrofoam router is suitable for such large-scale industrial applications as casting wood mold, injection mold, foam model, industrial design model, exterior wall decoration material processing.

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cnc styrofoam router machine
cnc styrofoam router

Specifications of?CNC Styrofoam Router Machine

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1 Model CX-2550
2 Working Area (XYZ) ?2500*5000*1000mm
3 Machine Bed Structure HT250 Overall Casting (T slot Steel plate optimal)
4 X, Y, Z movement X, Y Axis Rack & Gear; Z Axis Lead Screw
5 Max. Position Speed 16,000mm/min
6 Max. Working Speed 12,000 mm/min
7 Main Spindle 7.5KW (Water cooling)
8 Max. Spindle Speed 12,000 r/min
9 Spindle Conical Hole ?ISO40 (Max. fixing cutter diameter?Φ32mm)

Features of?CNC Styrofoam Router Machine

  • Taiwan’s high precision square linear guides which has large contact surface and strong load carrying capacity.
  • Intelligent cross-border processing protection.
  • SYNTEC Controller system.
  • Powerful water cooled spindle.
  • Intelligent controlled processing speed, idling speed, cutting speed , greatly improving the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.
  • Strict assemble process and quality control.
  • High efficiency, high precision.
  • Longer service life.
  • Custom working table and machine size are available.
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cnc styrofoam router price

Applications of?CNC Styrofoam Router Machine

CNC styrofoam router machine is extensive used for casting wood, MDF, plywood, styrofoam?(EPS), non-metallic carbonation materials, PVC, plastic or foam models for large-scale machine tools, shipbuilding and other heavy industries.

  • Cast wooden model processing for ships, wind power, machine tools, injection molding machinery, printing machinery and other mechanical castings, etc.
  • Industrial design models for automobiles, yachts, airplanes, etc.
  • Machining for rotational molding, injection molds and GRG/GRC exterior wall decoration material, etc.

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